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Denise Easton

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Denise EastonDenise is an entrepreneur, consultant and CEO with a passion for product innovation, business management, organization strategy and development. She has worked extensively across the corporate, public, education and non-profit industry/domains, and brings multi-industry experience and expertise in business management and product development, network/knowledge systems, strategic innovation, and complexity science (human systems dynamics). Denise co-founded Complexity Space Consulting where her research and work focuses on helping clients build adaptive, innovative and financially successful programs and products by the understanding and influencing the dynamics within complex systems. Denise and Larry Solow developed The Complexity Space, a business application model for complex systems analysis, business process improvement, organization design, development and change.

In 1999 Denise founded and continued to serve as CEO of ULiveandLearn, a leading knowledge management firm focused on the design, development, production and strategic integration of digital collaboration and learning for organizations.

Denise graduated from The College of William and Mary and was in the first graduate cohort for the Institute for Public Communications at Boston University.She was certified as a Human Systems Dynamics Practitioner (HSDP) by the HSD Institute and serves on the Institute's network board. Denise has extensive business, community and association board experience, including emerging business ventures. She served as the section co-editor and multi-media editor for the international peer-reviewed academic e-journal Innovate. Denise has published extensively and is a frequent presenter and panelist at national and international conferences.

Denise Easton
Mendenhall, Pennsylvania, USA

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