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Books Authored by Our Consultants

Learning Architectures by Dr. Warren Wilhelm

"Learning Architectures" by Dr. Warren Wilhelm is a how-to guide for those charged with designing, promoting and delivering learning and leadership development in their companies and other organizations..

In addition to numerous industry-proven approaches to learning and leadership development, several new concepts are introduced, including the Formula One process for fast leadership development, and Total Learning Architecture, an innovative new employee development paradigm.

Examples of effective learning strategies from over 30 companies are described. This book is a guide to building a true Learning Organization.

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What Works for GE May Not Work for You by Lawrence Solow and Brenda Fake

"What Works for GE May Not Work for You" by Larry Solow and Brenda Fake, provides new tools for managing and sustaining process improvement in today's complex non-linear environments. With more than 50 combined years of change management and process improvement consulting experience, the authors offer valuable practical insights for creating dynamic organizational change.

The first section of the book describes the key bodies of knowledge and process improvement processes. The next two sections highlight the dynamics of a typical linear process improvement implementation. They then present ways to combat a range of complex, non-linear, and emergent organizational issues as they arise during the implementation of a Six Sigma initiative. The last part explains how to assess readiness to begin a process improvement initiative, select consultants and internal "Belt" candidates, and choose the appropriate tools for projects.

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The Map to Clear Messages by Nadine Udall Fisher and Brian Baldinger

"The Map to Clear Messages" by Nadine Udall Fischer and Brian Baldinger is a unique guide for developing better personal and professional communication skills. Authors Nadine Udall Fischer and Brian Baldinger present simple strategies and insights for anyone who wants to get their message across.

Using examples from their experiences in the broadcast booth, the boardroom, and even on the football field, readers are invited to join the authors in an informal dialogue as they exchange ideas and outline basic steps for improving one's ability to communicate effectively. From illustrating how to clarify the "pure intent" of a message to identifying the factors needed to assess its clear presentation, "The Map to Clear Messages" gives readers the skills necessary to become master communicators.

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Unleashing Workforce Potential

"Unleashing Workforce Potential" by Dirk Tussing and contributing author Judy Braun will enable the reader to learn best practices from the Executive Learning Exchange's powerful network of learning and talent development leaders.

What's so powerful? The book focuses on business results, plain and simple. Since 2002, the Executive Learning Exchange thought leaders meet annually at a corporate university in the Chicago, IL USA area for an intense, in-person action learning experience with a full day of peer collaboration.

This is the second printed collection of lessons learned focused on Unleashing Workforce Potential and presented as brief essays by the most talented learning and talent development thought leaders. Each essay provides real-world tips and techniques that are sure to deliver immediate inspiration and guidance on the type of continuous learning that leads to business results.

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